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Mastering old and new techniques – the best combination for a successful retrofit.


You benefit from our experience

Our service portfolio in the area of retrofit includes:

  • Survey including plant evaluation as part of life cycle management and tenders
  • Auxiliary analysis to reduce energy use and post mortem analysis
  • Requests for Proposal (RFP), support with the creation of RFP documents and Standard Of Work (SOW)
  • Evaluation of offers for energy and automation systems
  • Project Management for energy and automation systems
  • Supervision of energy and automation system projects
  • Performance and acceptance tests, support with performance testing to ensure warranted performance and quality


Based on experience from the past, the old vanishes without interfering with the new.


Use the existing facilities and expand the future to grow in moderation.


Environmental protection calls for consequences: Recycling instead of depositing, and progress with renewable energies.