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We use all our energy to support and help you through your planning and project processes with our entire know-how and our many years of experience.

About me and the Company

Training to become an electronics engineer for energy/power plants piqued my interest in learning how to commission those plants. Thus, I studied Electrical Engineering, Energy Technology, graduated in 1988 and started my career setting up DCS / PLS systems in the steel and power plant industry. Working with my first employer, Schoppe und Faeser GmbH, a leader in the European market, gave me the opportunity to gain valuable experience by working on projects worldwide.

After working on global plant commissioning projects for 18 years, I transferred to the waste management company SOTEC Saarbruecken, where I assumed the position of Project Manager, Electrical and Energy Technology and Specialist Engineer in the New Waste Incineration Plant Department. Eon buyed SOTEC in the year 2007.

When restructuring measures within the eon corporation made it clear that the Saarbruecken location would be closed by the end of 2014, this was also a turning point in my career. I decided to go out on my own and offer my comprehensive knowledge and vast international experience independently in the energy market.

In January 2015 , I established Motsch_energy_consult_GmbH and serve domestic and international clients, meeting their individual needs and supporting them in their challenges. To be able to meet all technical standards and perform all tasks with the highest precision possible, we use high-quality measurement and testing equipment to perform tests of mobile electrical devices and electrical installations; the recording and exact analysis of the quality of the energy supply with regard to harmonic content, flicker, starting currents, and energy use; and many others.

Please see a (non-exhaustive) list of projects that I have worked on as follows:

  • Power Plant Bexbach (Germany)
  • Power Plant Merkenich (Germany)
  • Power Plant Völklingen (Germany)
  • Saarstahl Burbach (Germany)
  • Dillinger Hütte (Germany)
  • Power Plant Emile Huchet (F)
  • Power Plant Acajutla (SV)
  • Power Plant Al Taweelah B (UAE)
  • Power Plant Mirfa (UAE)
  • Power Plant Al Ain (UAE)
  • Power Plant Aghada (IR)
  • Power Plant Aliveri (GR)
  • AHKW Neunkirchen (Germany)
  • EBKW Knapsack (Germany)
  • CCGT Coolkeeragh (NI)
  • Power Plant Borsele (NL)
  • Power Plant Abono (E)
  • SIDOR Leudelange (L)
  • GASTON Atlanta (USA)

This is knowledge and experience from project work of more than 25 years – I am happy to support you in your new endeavors!


Based on experience from the past, the old vanishes without interfering with the new.


Mastering old and new techniques – the best combination for a successful retrofit.


Use the existing facilities and expand the future to grow in moderation.


Environmental protection calls for consequences: Recycling instead of depositing, and progress with renewable energies.